you're your own happiness..

Monday, July 2, 2012

There's always a moment in life when you question if things are ever going to get better.

There's always that night when you just want to fall asleep as quick as you can because your dreams are better than your reality.

And it's okay to have felt that way, we're humans and we're not perfect, even when life looks really bright from this side, it's dark and dull from that other side.

It's not perspective, it's a cycle and if you're not in the "happiness" part of life, then it's not your turn yet. But you don't have to stop believing because the cycle will never stop, one day, it WILL be your turn.

Keep believing.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Rule#1: never get too attached to anyone,

In the past years my life sure was a roller coaster ride that consist of joy, sorrows, laughters and tears, I've come to understand that we can't get too attached to anyone because seasons change and people change, they will leave eventually and when they do we feel that a part of us is gone we feel so lost yet it's like it doesn't mean a shit to them, it's sad but we ought to understand that people changed, regardless of how reluctant we are we have to move on.

Btw happy chinese new year!! XX