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Friday, June 29, 2018

First gynae appointment

So I went for my first gynae appointment which I’ll be delivering at- TMC this morning.

TMC & Mount Alvernia is two of the shortlisted hospitals in my mind however,
there's a particular gynae name that keep popping out of the results as the top few recommended gynae whom delivers at TMC.

Dr. Benjamin Tham

Where do I start from?

For me, I did the reverse way. I first chose the hospital which I want to deliver my baby at, I then went to search for the popular/recommended gynaes on Facebook/forums to decide on the gynae.

Another way is, if you're not too picky with the hospital rather than the gynae itself then you can also search for the recommended gynae FIRST before deciding on the hospital to deliver your baby. Most of the private gynae only delivers at 1-2 certain hospitals.

If you have no preference want a cheaper route is to visit the polyclinic for a referral letter to be referred to KKH under the subsidised route, it's A LOT cheaper however you're definitely paying for what you get. What I was told by my friend at KKH is that since your first visit all the way even till the day you deliver it probably would not be the same gynae but whomever is on duty. 

As for KKH private her bill size was estimated to be almost the same as my friend whom delivered at Mount Alvernia so I might as well pay for something better right? 

When should we visit the gynae for first appointment?

Once you're tested positive, you should call the gynae and normally they would have asked you for the first day of your last menstruation date to determine the number of weeks you're pregnant. I know it sounds weird BUT they do not base on the days you had sex to determine the pregnancy. I was really confused when I first knew.

there's no hard rules on when you should have your first gynae appointment but the assistant you spoke to on the line would be the best person to advise.

I was scheduled my first appointment on my 6th weeks of pregnancy.

First Gynae Apppointment

I was born in KKH so I have never been to Thomson medical hospital before, I was rather surprised when I first reached the hospital because I didn't knew it was so small LOL!

 photo 1D50C73D-E7E8-4AA0-B6B9-36ADBB3D32B9_zpshr40a975.jpeg

Moving forward, let's take a sneak peek into the clinic!
Dr Benjamin tham is one of the doctors in WC Cheng & Associates.
One thing to note is that there's one problem with popular gynaes - long waiting time.

 photo 7A4DCF4C-3947-4421-A374-E7AFAED79F22_zpswa8slnpj.jpeg
 photo DBDAB73F-D9F8-4881-BE30-7ADE0A50D06A_zpsythyqqcm.jpeg
 photo D0A8405B-5723-4913-B22A-5D64AA1973BE_zpsyonkxgpu.jpeg
 photo E06D77E4-12BC-4247-BB4E-AFA6B0345CE9_zpszo8xd7pb.jpeg

How did it go?

It was very nerve-wrecking for the first appointment I swear! You'll be asked to take a urine test, blood pressure, weight and some few questionnaire while waiting for your turn. Things like if your family has hereditary disease which may cause complications pregnancy, or if you have suffered miscarriage before.

I was lucky to be waiting for 15-20 minutes before my name was called.

 photo B6B8A581-640E-4461-9ED4-E6631C363854_zps05tepant.jpegDr.Benjamin tham was rather a senior doctor, though he was a male gynae but I feel rather comfortable during my consultation.

I was then asked to lie on the "bed" to proceed with the tummy-scan first and we saw the sac! However it was still quite early stage of the pregnancy thus I had to do a transvaginal ultrasound and with this technology we're able to see the fetal heartbeat!

Not sure if you could see but the two ++ in the middle is actually the fetal heartbeat:)

He also then, brief us some short description of the tests we could do for the upcoming appointments, some short info on antenatal care together along with a booklet before we left and he shake our hands finally and said..

 photo C3AC6393-DDC9-46B8-9EB7-529B3A11FC13_zpsx3fsyw9b.jpeg

"Congratulations you're pregnant"

Thursday, June 14, 2018



Married at 25 in 2016, pregnant at 27 in 2018, mummy-to-be in 2019

According to one of the Chinese myth in early pregnancy is that we're not supposed to announce only until we've passed the 3 months mark therefore I decided to start writing to myself again BECAUSE IT SUCKS NOT BEING ABLE TO TELL ANYONE. Brrr but to be safe than sorry!

I don’t know how should I feel or we should feel, I thought it would be so 感动until we would both cry knowing the results HAHA so drama I THOUGHT lah!

But maybe, I was already knowing that there are some changes to my body prior taking the test therefore I was kinda mentally prepared for the results to show on the kit. (just an affirmation to 100% chop that i’m pregnant).

It's possible that you may experience pregnancy symptoms as early as two weeks after conception.

So, i was feeling rather unwell during our weekend in Malacca and when I told him he just said “aiya we eat too much lah!

like hello? 🙄🙄🙄

it’s my body obviously I know what’s the usual feeling is like of eating too much right?

Ok, maybe.. so I just decided not to think about it and let the days goes by..

My menses was 2 days late.

Usually, most of the times my period is quite regular and predicted until the recent months. My husband, clearly knows when my period is due as well (so i’m excused for all the PMS shit HAHA) and when was the safe time to shoot in without getting pregnant, yes.
If you have no intentions of getting pregnant:
  1. Take birth control pills
  2. Practice safe sex - condom
  3. Keep track of the dates of your period, that way you’ll know your ovulation date and when is the safe time to shoot inside HOWEVER not everyone is lucky like us all the time!

Pregnancy kits

I had some pregnancy kits lying around the house somewhere because we don’t practice safe sex so sometimes it’s quite scary if your period didn’t come on time lol.

since my period was due and it’s not here yet so I just woke up feeling wanting to try while he’s at work..

I wanted to do this alone cus I wasn't 100% sure and I didn't wanted to burst his bubbles.

First morning urine is most important when you are choosing to test in the early stage of pregnancy.
My HCG levels is high enough to detect pregnancy despite testing in the afternoon,

The anxiety of waiting for results to show on a fucking pregnancy test. 

Tah tah tah tah *drum rolls*

1.$2 kit results is 2 dark and obvious lines.

BUT, i wasn’t convinced since it was just $2

I went to work and bought a clearblue easy pregnancy kit which cost approximately $10 after 20% discount.

2. Clearblue Easy results positive as well! (But it was rather slow and confusing showing the lines at first, it will get darker some time later)

I went to the local pharmacy AGAIN and bought a clearblue Digital LOL this is so expensive cus it’s $24.90 and after 20% it’s $19.90 but this is so technology advanced.

3. Clearblue Digital results is Positive and pregnant 2-3 weeks (it’s so advance that it tells you the number of weeks you’re pregnant!)

So, I went to the nearest bookstore and bought a box and to hand it over to the husband later in the night cus I didn't know how to hand it over to him while I record the process.

Revealing good news to the husband

Once we’ve got home, i proceed to hide the box while he’s taking a dump in the bathroom,he was then busy settling his helmet stuff on the floor, i told him to reach out for the box on the TV console which the hotel gave it to me and my mum for our staycation yesterday and I asked him to guess what it was..

He was just stun for 1 min and asked me if that belongs to somebody else -____-
I got so 无聊 or not?


 photo A06F59CD-1694-4131-972D-9CA98F8A333B.jpeg

 photo BCFB0A45-1CB8-42C2-82CB-C47FFEF398A7.jpeg

Monday, July 2, 2012

There's always a moment in life when you question if things are ever going to get better.

There's always that night when you just want to fall asleep as quick as you can because your dreams are better than your reality.

And it's okay to have felt that way, we're humans and we're not perfect, even when life looks really bright from this side, it's dark and dull from that other side.

It's not perspective, it's a cycle and if you're not in the "happiness" part of life, then it's not your turn yet. But you don't have to stop believing because the cycle will never stop, one day, it WILL be your turn.

Keep believing.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Rule#1: never get too attached to anyone,

In the past years my life sure was a roller coaster ride that consist of joy, sorrows, laughters and tears, I've come to understand that we can't get too attached to anyone because seasons change and people change, they will leave eventually and when they do we feel that a part of us is gone we feel so lost yet it's like it doesn't mean a shit to them, it's sad but we ought to understand that people changed, regardless of how reluctant we are we have to move on.

Btw happy chinese new year!! XX